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I just spent the last hour reviewing the SP maps, only to have firefox forget I was logged in and erase my post >.<
Fuck you, firefox.

Here are the ratings for now, I'll maybe review them in-depth later:

Neo Canyon Zone > Mad Gadget Zone > Fire Castle Zone > Gleaming Caverns Zone > Thawing Icecap Zone > Eggslimer Battle Zone

Neo Canyon Zone: 5.5/10
Grassy themes make me smile.

Mad Gadget Zone: 5/10
Good ideas, didn't go anywhere with them. Was surprisingly ugly.

Fire Castle Zone: 3.5/10
Badly designed, but actually pretty damn fun.

Gleaming Caverns: 4/10
Pretty, but shallow. Like a cheerleader. Competently designed but unfun. Your levels seem to follow a very obvious and repetitive formula.

Thawing Icecap: 3/10
Cool music. Cool feeling when I looked below the ice I was standing on and saw previous parts of the level. Everything else was kinda crap. Impressive scope for a beginning level, though.

Eggslimer Battle Zone: -5/0
Only real levels deserve real reviews >:(
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