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Industrial Valley Zone Act 1 by Zipper
3/10 - Bad

How mediocre. My GOODNESS, is that inconsistency? That's one of the dumbest things I've seen in a level in a long time. Not only was the unharmful goop with a light blue surface terribly ugly, it was also terribly counterintuitive, after the rest of it hurt you. What possessed you to do that in the first place? On a different note, why all the big, flat, empty rooms? If you don't have anything interesting to do, don't do it at all. Some of the rooms were simply useless. The only rooms that were somewhat interesting were the ones towards the end. That being, the drain room, and the acid room. The first of which had terrible texturing though, and it was very hard to see that FOFs. Also, why do you have the red spring that shoots you into the goop? I understand you use it later, when the goop is gone, but it's not very nice in the first place. The current underneath the goop is terribly and stops you from really getting back to safety in any decent fashion. As for the acid room, you introduced the seemingly out of place bouncy floor very abruptly and dangerous fashion, which is not good. Always provide a simple framework for people to learn a new gimmick, without the penalty for misunderstanding it being death.

I must say though, that music was interesting. Sort of ambient industrial, I like it. :)

Azure Temple Zone by Mystic & Prime 2.0
10/10 - Epic

This is the perfect example of immersive platforming and proper gimmick progression. The entire level was probably the most challenging SRB2 level I've ever played. I had heard people talking about how they had died so many times, and hadn't been able to complete it, and I sort of brushed it off. I figured they must just suck, and that I could do it without getting a game over. I was wrong. Very wrong. I think I got about three game overs. But the funny thing is, never once did I feel like it was a cheap death. No unpredictable surprises, and no hidden dangers. EVery time I died, it was solely because I was too hasty, made a dumb mistake, or was simply too slow to make it through complicated firing patterns. On the topic of gimmick progression, you did right with this level what so many others have done wrong with theirs. You used a number of fairly simple concepts, but used them multiple times, in different ways, so that it progressively got harder and stretched your mind and reaction times a little more each time. I adored the puzzle path, only I wish it went on a tad longer. I never even found any of the elemental shields people talked about. Nor did I find the knuckles path, or the tails path. Not sure what I did wrong, because I thought I explored pretty well, but apparentally not. I'll have to go back and take another look at it.

rated 10/10 because fluttershy

Sonic's Schoolhouse by Boinciel
1/10 - Hilarious

The funny thing is how people can take this as anything other than a joke. But goodness, this is hilarious! I laughed quite heartily every time I played it. It's a funny insight, on just how strange the original Sonic Schoolhouse was. In all honesty, it's a bit disturbing. Those bouncing numbers with eyes are fit to be nightmare fuel.

Frozen Hillside Zone Act 2 by Blade
8/10 - Great

Yet another beautiful Blade creation. Not much different from act 1, really, but always a simple pleasure to play through. I don't have much unique comments for it though. The one thing I'll say is that on the level start I thought the clouds were snow and I died because of it :P

Chemical Facility Zone Act 2 by CoatRack
4/10 - Mediocre

I expected something great, especially from you, CoatRack, but I was literally annoyed by the time I finished this level. First things first, STOP with the "demo" thing. Sure, you can make changes after the OLDC, if things turn out bad, but why rush parts just to make it in in time? I was thoroughly disappointed when many of the things you said you were going to put in simply weren't there. Not to mention, many of the obvious flaws that testers warned you of weren't fixed. But that aside, I'll just take the level as it is. The worst problem evident becomes your enemy spam. More enemies =/= More fun. Tone them down a bit. The mice were just annoying when there was one on every plain. I understand it's supposed to be hard, as the last level, but 100 crawla commandoes and 100 jetty-syn bombers would also be hard. Does that mean we'll put them in the final level? Also, I must chew you out about the orange gel pits. Being the king of Jell-O, I was very aware of the fact that you often fall into the jello blocks if you bounce on the linedef edge. I imaginine that with any amount of testing, you would have figured this out too, so why didn't you fix this in some way? I got stuck down in one of the orange gel pits after hitting the (incredibly cheap) laser, and couldn't get out. But the worst problem, the gaping bloody hole of this level, is the gimmicks and their TERRIBLE progression. I don't think you use the same gimmick once, excepting the orange gel. That's not a good thing. Whereas Azure Temple started off with one or two gimmicks, and advanced them to fatal levels as the game went on, you throw in tons of nonsensical gimmicks, for a one time dangerous appearance, and then leave them. Like that soapy blue liquid. That seems entirely forced, like you just had to make filler material. You don't use it in any interesting ways, or any way that makes you think. Speaking of water, you also used the water coming out of that one pipe as a way to abuse the SRB2 water physics. Water physics are one of my favorite things in SRB2, indeed, something I was going to take advantage of in our Minecraft Zone we talked about. Sadly, you did nothing interesting to it. In fact, you introduced it in a terrible way, with TWO turrets blasting at you as you're supposed to slowly jump up it and onto the platform. What were you thinking? I repeat, gimmicks are wonderful, but please please PLEASE use them in interesting ways. There was not a gimmick in this level that I enjoyed, except the bouncy floors, and many times even those were boring. Then, the reverse gravity. Not only is it completely unfitting to the theme, but it too is used for no real purpose at all.
Now, why do some of these parts seem almost copy pasted from CFZ1? Especially the part with the raised canals outside. On that note, the orange bouncy gel in the one canal was a terribly cheap maneuver, as the player has no way of knowing what is coming.
I've heard something about explosions in the level, but I have't seen any. I stepped on a few buttons and they simply silently opened passages that I had to then find. Now, don't even get me started on that timed door (which was also an almost direct copy paste from Act 1)!

All in all, this level is like spacewalk zone, but you don't repeat every boring gimmick five times in a row. It had the potential to be great, and it sure was pretty, but you ruined it by making it a complete enemy cluttered mental bore to play through.

Those capsules look awfully empty. :(

Lightless Labyrinth Zone by ShadowHog
8/10 - Great

I want to cast a spell.

Also aww yeah Scott Joplin is the best music choice ever
A dome structure? something that could be filled with diatomaceous earth?
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