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Thing the second: The right path from said room has an orange bouncy gel column that immediately turns you upside-down. I was able to clear this room exactly once (but regrettably couldn't finish the stage thereafter, bringing me back to it); every other time, I somehow clipped through the gel and died, either on the bottom end or the top end. If this was intentional, then let me note that there was no visual indicator that this part of the gel was any different from the others, which were all entirely solid. Not really a fan.
That's a bug with SRB2 that sometimes happens and sometimes doesn't. Try to stay away from the edge of the sector, that might help.

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Thing Type 3 (Player 3 Start): The left path from the room delineated in the first grievance was no better. I go through this white water that makes me fast for some reason, climb up out of it, and find a waterfall with rings indicating I should go up... but no means of going up it, as well as no other area that is accessible with my jump or thok. Dead end, in other words. A monitor on the ceiling would imply that I'm supposed to flip gravity here somewhere, but I saw absolutely no location around that would let me do so. This meant the only way to complete the stage was either not be Sonic, or noclip my way through. Either one's inexcusable.
Uh... You surely must have noticed that the white liquid reduces your gravity - otherwise you wouldn't have been able to make the jumps that led you up to that waterfall in the first place. The waterfall allows you to go higher than normal; abuse that fact to reach platforms that you otherwise couldn't. Shouldn't that be obvious?

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Also kind of wonder how many people found the secret room...
Me. Didn't get the reference, but I laughed nonetheless.
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