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Preliminary comments on Azure Temple...

The first time I played it was on the heels of a few other contest levels so I wasn't really wild about putting so much effort into it, but I kept coming back to it. Considering how much of my attention span for games has gone away, that alone says something. The gimmick of the trapgoyles (as Prime seems to be calling them) is really interesting and doesn't feel gimmicky. I had gotten the impression with the way it had been hyped that the level was more about avoiding those things than platforming, but they are really part of the platforming gameplay. This stage also really fleshes out the gimmick.

I finished the level by taken the puzzle path, which I'm convinced must be the easy way out. Because as hard as the level was, once I got to the end sign I was left thinking "that's it?". I had six lives left, I actually would have felt more rewarded if there was a grand finale area near the end I had to pass maybe even if it was more "wow" than difficult. I'll have to play the other path though to see if my suspicions were correct about the difficulty of the stage.

So far the highlight of the level for me was a room filled with bubble buzzes where I found myself hopping corners in time to avoid fireballs... I actually kinda wanted the chance to use the trapgoyles to kill the bubble buzzes. I think their movability would make this a great co-op level, where one player can move a particularly dangerous trapgoyle out of the way for a less experienced one to make it past. The level just begs you to go back and try to get back through those hallways more masterfully so there's good replay value there.

So far it seems to be living up to the hype.
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