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Industrial Valley Zone: Act 1 - Zipper
Um. I didn't enjoy this very much. This map has the most flaws in this contest, and I can give out examples such as a stupid crusher simultaneously playing the crushing sound and moving at the same time, clashing textures, and how this lacks on direction. What I mean of lack of direction, is that I don't know where I am going. I have to look around, and skim the area, and then it's like, "Oh. I go through here." What could probably solve this issue is to get rid of all that extra space you have lying around, or have a purpose for it, otherwise it confuses the crap out of me. Other than that, this is pretty average. 5/10

Azure Temple Zone - Mystic & Prime 2.0
After reducing the resolution to the lowest, exiting out my internet browser, deleting every single file except and this map, I finally got a decent framerate gameplay out of this...Just exaggerating, but this was the most hardest, and longest level I've probably ever played up to date. I haven't explored the whole level, so my rate probably won't be accurate.

But due to my 30 minute gameplay, what I have observed from this was that this was very frustrating as well. I didn't feel like 15 lives were enough. I had to cheat my way through most of the level. god/noclipped just to try the jumps again. Mystic why did you do this to us? Why isn't there more checkpoints? I'm not sure how to rate this. The difficulty of the level has effected my rate on this, because I have a huge tendency to rate it lower than what it should be.

Things that I did enjoy about this though is the music, atmosphere, SOCs and some of the puzzles. But the way you set the platforming, especially when you set obstacles in the mix was just... hell for me. But that's just about it. 8/10

Sonic's Schoolhouse - Boinciel
There isn't any problems with this. There isn't anything great to remember. I won't let difficulty, length or anything outside the box effect my rate. This is just playable with a few cute jokes. 6/10

Frozen Hillside Zone: Act 2 - Blade
I guess this was cool. Same objects, enemies, gimmicks, and old stuff that we've all seen before from Act 1. The only thing that's different is the atmosphere, and geography... And there's nothing wrong with that except it's nothing exciting anymore.

The zone retains its flawlessness. There's many bonuses. The palace is new, with about one memorable thing such as the rising snow. That's pretty much it on that. 8/10 Oh, and one more thing... please you and your brother fix your music loops.

Chemical Facility Zone: Act 2 - CoatRack
First thing I want to mention, is what I said to Blade after his review on his map. Fix the music loop.

Now, this is a pretty decent map on your hands here Coat. There's a few minor flaws, that's not really something you should fix, but maybe just for the players, cause this bothered me. The goop that the blue turret(I think green too) projects is some type of anti-gravity goop that I don't think would make sense...even in a toony video game. Okay, I lied. You should fix it. Keep the enemies away from the edges of cliffs over something you could die in. It ruins the gameplay experience. This happened twice to me, and I got frustrated with this.

One other thing I remember is this timed button/gate sequence that's way too short in duration, and I played this was Sonic, so I speak for all of my Sonic players. If not executing jumps/thoks a certain way, timed right with the first continuous floor moving platform, it's nearly impossible to reach the next area without the gate closing on you. So may want to make the time sequence a little bit longer there Coat.

But other than these problems, everything else is just about right. To me at least. 7/10

Lightless Labyrinth Zone - ShadowHog
I LOVED this map! Except it's dark! Which is a major problem that kills this map, and reduces it's rate than what it should have been. After reading some other user's reviews on this map, they've experienced the same problems I have, such as the unseen ghost crushers...which wasn't really hard, except the last 3 crushers you put together for some reason. Finding buttons, which I REALLY had an issue with. Like, they don't stand out quite enough that it's an actual button unless if you accidently run into it, which is stupid.

Another thing I'd like to critique is the kill-all-enemy areas. I didn't actually know it was a gimmick like that until I finally realized I was running around in circles like an idiot while the shadow/fire enemies laughed and bullied/raped the hell out of me until I finally got tired and stood up to them and thought it was the only thing to do so I could find my way around peacefully. I don't really like that idea either. Nothing told me of this, so I found out once again, on accident.

The boss. You're a genius at SOC'ing and executing the entrance for it. Which was pretty damn great. This left a smile on my face as I exit the map, which probably made me love the map. It made me forget about everything else that bad about the map, but when I talk about it, I remember. But just as a player, it would leave me speechless about the stage. So some good mapping technique there. I think this deserves a 8/10. I really liked everything except the things I mentioned.

The majority of the SP contest was pretty great. Great job everyone!
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