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I don't think I need to tell anyone this, but the OLDC has been really crappy for almost a year now. There are very few entries, which universally are untested garbage submitted by new members and untested rush jobs submitted by the old members. This has lead to the OLDC generally being completely awful, and with the March/April 2012 contest, it's clearly hit the breaking point.

Therefore, if the May/June 2012 contest does not have a significant improvement in the quality and quantity of the OLDC, the OLDC will be suspended until the release of 2.1. If you like the OLDC but haven't been entering recently, I highly encourage you to put together something for the OLDC, and please put forth some real actual effort. All a rush job proves is that you can put together a WAD in two hours, and at this point we all know that you can.
Personally, I never really participated or voted in any OLDC but I kinda get where you are going. Sometimes I play some levels after that OLDC is over and some stink.
But if rush jobs is the reason some levels are bad in OLDC then I think it's true. But, when people makes good level for the OLDC it's because they started months before and not on that exact month when submissions are due. It's common sense. Just take a look at Sonic the Hedgehog for Xbox 360 and PS3, Sonic Team or SEGA where probably too busy dicking around with something unrelated and when that deadline for the game was a month away, they flew right through production, skipped testing it, and called it finished work.
I haven't posted anything to the OLDC yet because I am busy preparing and taking time to make levels and submitting them whenever I can and personally I don't think shutting down OLDC until 2.1 is a great idea because it'll have no effect on the person who rush jobs levels.
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