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I'd make an entry... if making maps wasn't so boring XD. Really, that's what holds me back: the process. It's just not engaging enough to hold my attention, especially since I'm such a perfectionist.

Making a sector, arranging the vertices so that they're just right, then spacing all the sectors so that there's enough flow, coming up with new room designs... it's tedious! And don't get me started on getting the player to go DOWN! Spindash+Thok effectively eliminates any proper downward platforming without using annoying barriers, so most of my maps end up being giant mountain climbs regardless of theme. Then there's coming up with some good gimmicks, so the community won't eat you alive if there's not some new kind of fancy linedef executing going on, and so that your map isn't just plain old boring to play, and then playtesting it over and over and over again, only to find out that the entire last month's work just takes 30 seconds to complete... on one path. Don't forget about your multiple paths! And non-sonic players need to be challenged too!

And then aesthetics! Placing flowers and enemies so that they're aesthetically pleasing but not in the way, then making sure your landscape designs don't look like shit and still play nicely... BLEGH!

It's an annoying process. But what the hell do I know? Some people DO enjoy mapping, and I did at one point in time, but it really wears on you.
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