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As much as I would love that, these kinds of conversations usually sound much better in theory than they actually are. If we go beyond the basic dos and don'ts that are covered in Level Design 101 (surely we don't want to talk about that), things start to get fairly abstract and it's hard to put abstract things into words. In the words of Frank Zappa, "talking about music is like dancing about architecture". I think the same applies to mapping to a certain degree. There are a few basic rules, but beyond that, things become a matter of individual taste and style. But hey, you can always prove me wrong and start such a discussion. I'd be happy to participate.
Nah, I don't like abstract conversations either. Even when I understand the ideas discussed, the ideas don't change how I think in the practical realm. I'm not interested in talking theory if it's not applicable.

But, as a mapper, I know we mappers do go through an actual process for building our maps. I think mapping IS tangible. I think mapping is tangible because mappers are conscious of what they're doing while they're mapping. Unconscious creativity looks like this: <link>
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