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I believe there are a number of reasons why the OLDCs aren't getting very satisfactory results, none of which are really tied to the OLDC itself.

First off, making maps for SRB2 has never been easy. Even match maps are harder to make now, since the new weapon system demands ammo be placed everywhere and that maps be asymmetrical. I've tried to make maps several times, and I hate it, since FOFs are a pain for whatever ideas I have in mind, and every level editor I've used has crashed at least once, taking a chunk of progress out of my map. Nowadays I don't even try, since SP levels have to be long and online mode makes both of my Win7 machines drop in framerate for whatever inexplicable reason.

Second, the OLDC is starting to age. It was fresh when it was first conceived, because SRB2 had an active and tight-knit community that was still exploring the depths of SRB2's potential. Most of the seasoned members have left now, you've used up most of the ideas you can come up with, and in general, interest in SRB2, as a game, is dying.

As much as I suck at making/releasing anything ever, I've always at least partially enjoyed going through the OLDC contests -- because really, the contests are, and always have been, a reflection on the community as a whole. It's always enjoyable to see what new ideas people come up with, and even if the map is subpar and the person obviously tried but isn't good at it, reviewing has always been kind of a way to connect and help the person grow in their skills. But as the OLDC is a reflection on the SRB2 community, I think it only makes sense that the OLDC be suspended, since it is indeed dying.

I feel like the game's about run its course, so I don't think there's anything you can do about this. Well... there are multiple things you can do about it, but all of them are hard and not directly related to the OLDC itself. If you improved netplay, it would increase interest in SRB2's online functions, and hence add demand and supply for the contest's multiplayer divisions. Improved level editors and additional available gameplay gimmicks both would inspire motivation for new level content, and that would boost OLDC back to, like, 2006 content. It doesn't seem like there's a lot of motivation for either of those, though, and that probably has to do mostly with the fact that this game is running on a decade-old engine that allows for only limited graphical capabilities and even more limited terrain which will never truly be representative of 3d classic Sonic gameplay.

For now, suspending the contest seems like the best thing you guys can do. That doesn't mean you guys shouldn't try to fix it when it's possible, but it's better to just let the horse die than to try and force content.

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... I'll say this, though. You guys really don't do a whole lot of community projects. All this really ever was was an "official" community project endorsed by the staff, and it's lasted for almost a decade because of it. You don't need to wait on the OLDC to have something new to play: you just need to get together and do something exciting. Experiment. I've always kind of wanted to see a level being worked on by multiple people; if it's happened before, it certainly doesn't happen enough.

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