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I have a few ideas, and they are based off of mapping events from other communities:

1) Give a theme (Already explained)

2) Make it less open-ended

Put rules and restrictions in place; set the gametype. Have all maps be match maps, or single player maps, or whatever. It will help people step outside of their comfort zones. For instance, if I was to join a sp mapping contest (which I would) and then a match one, I would give it a try even though I prefer sp. Then if it was ctf, I might still be willing to try it even though I have no desire to map for ctf, though I did enjoy the last two contests which would inspire me to continue.

3) Speedmapping

Other communities hold speedmapping sessions to help sharpen skills. The game type, theme, and rules are given at the start and the deadline is the end of the day. These are highly successful. I know what you're thinking, "what about the shitty maps?" There will indeed be some bad maps, but there also will be some great ones which will steal the stage. And this would not only inspire the mappers to make an effort but also demonstrate what can be done with limits.
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