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Well, here go my votes.

Single Player

Sapphire Coast Zone Act 2 by Blade: 7/10

The visuals are excellent, and I like the custom enemies quite a lot, but the level itself lacks any real gimmicks besides the bouncy mushrooms. Also, it would be nice if the stage included several different but related environments to make it more interesting. Sections inside the lighthouse or completely underwater would've been quite fun.

Eggmansion Zone Act 2 by KO.T.E: 4/10

Another case of the gameplay not living up to the visual quality, but this one is much more extreme. Most of the things in this level that are actually a threat to you are extremely cheap, such as those fast-moving ghosts that pop out of nowhere and are very hard to see coming. Not only that, but this stage has few enjoyable gimmicks besides the mirror room, and unlike Sapphire Coast, which is clearly a first stage, it doesn't have an excuse. Also, are those teleporters really necessary? You get points for the secret and the few fun obstacles there are, though.
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