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OK, I'll do the single player maps now, and I'll vote for the multiplayer maps later.

Single player:
Sapphire Coast Zone, Act 2 by Blade - 8/10
I really enjoyed playing through this level. The gimmicks were well executed, and the visuals are delightful, with tiny details everywhere. The custom enemies are also nice, especially the one with the spring, like the enemy in Sonic Chaos/Sonic Triple Trouble, as it could be used to reach secret areas with Sonic. I just felt it was a bit short. I also found several graphic glitches, such a missing texture, a texture that should not be seen and at least one pillar that suddenly transforms into sky, which doesn't look very nice when you fly there with Tails hoping to find some secret. Overall, nice level.

Eggmansion Zone, Act 2 by KO.T.E - 9/10
Nice concept, I don't remember any haunted mansion level in any Sonic game except for that one in Heroes. The environment really gives off that creepy feeling you're going for. It took me a while to understand that the things in the beginning of the level were trees, but that's probably just me. They do look creepy, though. I loved the gimmicks you used, like the mirror room and the fake walls. The pony also freaked me out on my second playthrough, as it spawned right in front of the screen (On my first playthrough, I barely noticed it, though. I only thought "What was that?").
The ghosts are a bit annoying, like in Sandopolis (slightly less annoying than in Sandopolis, though), as they keep spawning, making it hard to get through some parts. That does give the level some challenge, but it also annoys the player. I loved the paintings, the purely cosmetic and the ones that have some influence in gameplay. I'd recommend warning the player of certain hazards. On my first playthrough, I killed myself 3 times: I jumped into the chasm in the beginning, outside the mansion, I got a ring and jumped into the red water, only to find myself unable to get out, and I jumped off the level in the final area. If you warn players of that, or make it so the player can avoid dying after falling into the hazard (putting springs in the red water, for instance), you help the player feel like they weren't punished for exploring. Of course, you may also want to mess with the players, seeing some of the gimmicks you used and the level theme, in which case I have no problem if you leave these there.

Pacman by EternallyAries Red X - 1/10
I'll believe other users when they say you did a good job porting the map to SRB2, because I won't be able to see for myself, seeing as this map has zero height variation and I'm playing as Sonic. I believe you know everything I have to tell you, so I'll be short. Confusing, doesn't play well, bad monitor and weapon placement. Thanks for the joke, but I'd rather play real maps in this contest.

Oiler Outpost by Katmint - 3/10
Too small, and not too much diversity. It makes you feel cramped. I also don't like the textures you used. These inside walls are a bit ugly. Also, I dislike these oil death pits. Besides the fact we're used to oil behaving as quicksand or as a sector with lower traction, making us jump into them when we don't expect to die, they seem to be placed in the most perfect place to kill players. That slows down gameplay, as we have to dodge the pits as well as other players. Plus the music doesn't fit; the bulk of the level's metallic, not desert-themed. There's not enough desert for that.

Generic Field Zone by csmigw - 4/10
I think the layout might be good... but it needs more details. More scenery, whatever. To make it less Generic. Plus, the level looks ugly, and there's water coming from nowhere. Plus, Zipper was able to get off the map, so either there's no thok barrier, or there's a problem with it.
Techno Rush by KO.T.E. - 6/10
The best map in this contest's match division. It's still generic, and would need more work to be a good map. Maybe expanding it would help... As well as adding some more points of interest. Great work for a rush job... But let's have less of these, please.

Capture the Flag
I'll do these in an instant.

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