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Running Special Stage Act 1 by ZarroTsu - 9/10

This map bewildered me to the fullest extent that one could be bewildered to. A magnificent attempt at a running stage executed quite well I must say. The music was a nice touch as well.

City Area by Internet Explorer - 2/10

Well, what can I say about this one? Well, abhorrent, and dire, in fact. I could not make out the theme of this map exactly. I mean, what is it? A city? Hmmm, no. A sewer? Nah. Also, the chain gimmick was messed up. It was hard to jump from chain to chain. Also, once you've made it to the top, you then find out that nothing happens! But no, you've got to push a button.

Polluted Plains Zone by 742mph - 7/10

The cutscene was quite nice. The Metal Sonic boss wasn't too bad. A quite challenging level I must say. Also those robots in the background as I assume being a assembly line was a nice touch.

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