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Originally Posted by D00D64 View Post
Nope, just me at work.
Well then, the way you work is pretty stupid if you ask me. :p
I'd certainly want some explanation if I were Blade or KOTE. I mean, it's not like you're SuperChris or anything, so you probably have some actual reasoning. Right?

No, I'm pretty sure that this wont get fixed very well due to the poor... everything. Poor visability, torturous platforming to exit bases, rails meaning instant death (which concerning how much of a mess this place is, is not like Nimbus Ruins) spending ages to score ONE flag for the team, sometimes being unable to reclaim your team's flag without being tails,
Are you reading what I said? I just said I was going to FIX all those flaws! Obviously if I fix two or three of them them, it's a lot less "poor". Well, except for the rails being instadeath. That's an irrelevant point. Not only does it happen just the same in Nimbus Ruins, an official map, it's actually more of an issue there, as it's all wide open.

it just isn't fun in the slightest for anyone.
Originally Posted by Charybdizs
I later played in netgame with people who actually cared to figure it out, and we had a fun time.
Emphasis on the "we". How do I know they had a fun time? Because they told me so.

And you honestly thought such a low visibility and confusing map based off freaking ESCHER was a good idea? No wonder this map is so awful.
And now it's going in circles, as you bring up points I've already answered in a satisfactory manner.

lol that's funny because escher patterns go in circles too

Originally Posted by SpiritCrusher
...Huh? Please clarify. Is this supposed to be a "4/10 - Mediocre" or a "1/10 - Horrendous"?
Oh whoops! I forgot to edit that after I changed the number. I was originally going to rate it a four, in my... confusion after playing it, but then I came to my senses.

I honestly don't see what's the use of spring chains in any map. What's the use of being needlessly bounced around on autopilot while your enemies have it easy to shoot you down?
...How does that make you easy to shoot down? If anything, it makes a good (and exciting) escape route for hit and runs!
A dome structure? something that could be filled with diatomaceous earth?

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