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Originally Posted by D00D64 View Post
Dread Valley Zone by Blade - 4
Spring Factory Zone by KO.T.E and ThunderNova - 3
I think those low votes warrant a little explanation. Are you sure you're not just disappointed at the rest of the contest, and instinctively gloomy about these ones?

But anyways, my votes I kind of forgot about until now.

Single Player:

Mario Land 1-1 by Simsmagic
1/10 - Horrendous

Nice. Just nice. This is honestly one of the funniest entries I have ever seen, and I get quite a kick out of it. I honestly have no clue how to rate it. I mean, it's not even your level! Yet... It is. One thing it did do, though, is remind me how horrible Mario is with SRB2 Physics. I guess I'll just give it a 4, because that seems like the default.

On second thought, what am I THINKING? It scores a one, definitely. It is short, has no replay value, and what is there isn't even cool. Or original. :p

Chemical Facility Zone
by KO.T.E
10/10 - Epic

I'm most definitely rating this a ten out of ten. But is that overreacting? Well let's see. Incredibly original and refreshing level design. Tons of never before seen gimmicks. Sweet custom enemies. Superb aesthetics. Epicness.
Yeah, I think that equals a 10/10. I've played this map about 5 times now, and I'm still not tired of it. The only thing that disappointed me was the lack of Scootaloo, but I was prepared for that one. There's not much new since I last tested it, but what is there is really cool. I had never seen the goop working correctly before, as it always seemed to be bugged out, but it seems you got it working correctly for the contest. I must say it looks pretty sharp.
The only real thing I'm disappointed about is that you don't seem to have taken my advice about introducing the mice. ;~;


Magma Temple Zone by blahblahbal
6/10 - Decent

You're most certainly getting better! Something about this map struck a chord of harmony with me. I think it was probably just the fact that you used the Volcano Theme in a fresh and original way, but looking around the map felt like I was exploring a place I'd see in a dream. The vertical variation in here was pretty spectacular too, and the spring chain was a nice touch. I'd kind of like to see that used in more Multiplayer maps. Still, though, this map suffers some sad flaws. I don't know what was with that start in the lava. I'm sure that wasn't intentional. It suffers from a LOT of flat space, too, especially in the upper area. Then too, there's the temple area, which was boring and didn't really fit. Keep trying though, you're definitely improving. I really do enjoy playing your maps~

Eggmatchsion Zone by KO.T.E
9/10 - Awesome

For having tested this as much I did, it was a fresh and fun experience every time I played. The level has a very unique feel to it, and uses certainly an original match theme. I'm debating on whether I should call it too big or not, but I think I'll have to go with no. It was big alright, but it was easy to find people in, and there was always plenty of action, even with just three people. The passage through the paintings is one of my favorite spots. It's so incredibly fun to sit in there and ambush people when they come through. Strategic locations like that are lacking in most match maps. Make sure you put more things like that in your future maps!

Capture the Flag:

Arctic Facility by Kuba11
7/10 - Good

Congratulations on winning prettiest map of the contest award. If only it was as playable as it is pretty. The texture choices, though intricate and quite neat looking, are blinding in an actual game. But the worst problem with this map? The lack of Ramp Sectors. My pet peeve in maps are ledges that you catch on ALL OVER THE PLACE. Most of the ones in here were unexpected, too. Fix that, and perhaps lighten up on the colormap or textures, and this map would get about 20% cooler. I know how easy it is to go overboard on colormaps or lighting effects, though. I did it myself this contest, and didn't realize it till afterwards. Anyways, probably the most impressive thing about this map was the pipes and channels going every which way throughout it. There were some great secrets to find if you looked around, and some great strategic options. Those bubbles in the water tanks were one of the best decorative touches I've seen in a while.

Uninspired Name Zone by Scizor300, KOTE, and Simsmagic
...I think you guys already know what is wrong with this. I did actually manage to get it working in a server once, despite the start problems. It's quite odd, huge, nonsensical, and generally a mishmash Picasso would be proud of.

_____________ by Charybdizs

This was a gimmick map. I made it solely because I had a neat idea and I wanted to put it into action, much like Stupid Circuit. It really pissed me off when people were dicks and played it for twenty seconds before declaring it "absolute bullshit". One of the complaints was "We shouldn't have to learn how to play your map!" Well, yes you should. Gimmick maps don't always come clearly at first glance. Stupid Circuit took a while for me. Sure, I don't mind if you don't feel like learning it or something, but don't rage about it. And it's certainly not my fault you couldn't learn it. Proof? After being raged at about it, I took it to the center of all stupidity in the SRB2 community. That is to say, the Master Server. Within minutes, silly newbs with stupid names like "SILVA SONIC 4952X" or "hyprhedgi3" had grasped it and were beating. me. at. my. own. map.

I'm not trying to say it is remotely 10/10 material, or even 5/10. It had it's flaws, but it most certainly had merit in it's own little way. I later played in netgame with people who actually cared to figure it out, and we had a fun time. Mission accomplished, I guess? If I ever release it again, I'm going to brighten it up, probably change the theme, and patch up some annoying gaps, especially in the bases.

As theme goes, though. This map was originally going to be a bit different, but I won't spoil what it was going to be, as I'll still use theme theme at some point. I changed it to a dark theme inspired by the end world in Minecraft (or at least what I know of it). Hence the darkness, and silence, and lack of any name. No, it's not called "The map with no name". It's called " ". I thought it was appropriate for an abstract spooky themed map like this. I definitely went overboard on the darkness, though. I find it quite entertaining how some people seem to love the visuals, and others hate them. In all seriousness, this wasn't supposed to be a Clockwork Grove when it comes to visuals. I was more inspired by abstract art and geometry than anything else. I think a lot of Escher when I look at the map as a whole.


Dread Valley Zone
by Blade

Nice job designing a race map that is almost balanced! If anyone had the advantage though, it was definitely Tails. So many open sections that good strafe flying can clear in half the time it would take thokking. There's a lot of good in this map, from the nice platforming, to the fences which conveniently slow down raging thokkers. I never tried playing as Sonic and jumping them, though. I don't know can one efficiently do that? It might save some time... Pretty much anything else I would have to say about this map I've already told you. Oh! I do want to mention the maces though. They're one of the most uncheap obstacles I've ever seen in a race map. I rarely got hit by them, as they're not a huge risk, but when I did, it was entirely my fault, and I could do nothing but facepalm whenever I tried to cut and ended up hitting one.

And I don't know why it is, but that Nightmare Moon symbol scares me.

Spring Factory Zone by KO.T.E

I'd rate this map higher, if it weren't for the flaws that have already been discussed here. You know, floors that look dangerous, Knuckles having way too much of an advantage, stuff like that. Not that I particularly minded Knuckles advantage, as it allowed me to win most of the time, but it is still an unbalance. :p
I loved a lot of things about this map all the same, though. It had an original feel, with the unique shortcuts, the spring chains, and all that. The platforming was just challenging enough that it took work yet wasn't cheap. Keep up the good work, but make it better each time. XD

obnoioxies mym litltle pnony refenrence znone by RedEnchilada

A dome structure? something that could be filled with diatomaceous earth?

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