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Originally Posted by Charybdizs View Post
As I can see it, I see no reason not to consider them. It's not like the devs are going to have to make them themselves, you already made them. If something nice is offered for free, why refuse it? Isn't it just shooting yourself in the foot?
I don't want to repeat this whole discussion here, but there are four possible reasons:
  • The devs don't want custom textures for Mario mode and would rather keep the sprite rips because they're faithful to the original.
  • The devs don't care about Mario mode and would rather spend their time on more important features. And yes, implementing these textures does take time.
  • Connected to that, everyone would rather continue his own work instead of messing with someone else's. And it might prove necessary to work on these textures in some way.
  • People who ask for their work to be included in the game always leave a bad taste in everyone's mouth.
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