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Majestic Grove Zone: 8/10
I loved the visuals in this map and I liked how it required cooperation from the players in order to capture the flag and seek our the enemy flag carrier. The scenery was great and the level had a very good theme going. It flows nicely and the multiple paths add a lot of variation.
The only real problems that I see are the size being too big for a small game and the relative unimportance of the upper path (and the aforementioned problems with the random item selections), but the level is still a lot of fun to play.

Mystical Heights Zone: 3/10
The visuals are decent enough and it's easy to find your way through the level.
The outer areas of the level were almost completely useless because there's little reason to go onto them. The corridors and the bases are too small and the fact that there's only one way to reach the flag makes it very easy for players to camp and ambush people that are going up the stairs. The bases are too close together and the Weapon Rings are too close together.

White Pass Zone: 2/10
The bases of the stage were far too small and were very easily-camped due their small size and the small hole that could be hidden in. The outer area is incredibly wide with very little cover. The visuals were an eyesore and there were too many items placed throughout (especially more powerful things like Bounce Rings could easily be spammed).

Sylvan Shrines Zone: 7/10
I absolutely adore the visuals in this stage. The level managed to flow decently.
The only real problem I have with this stage is that the flags are easily camped, making for annoying stalemates.
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