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We're not complaining about Blade's level for being too "perfect", we're complaining about his style being formulaic. Granted, his level is still fantastic, and this is the only thing I can really complain about at all, but it's a perfectly legitimate issue and BZ4 wasn't being "pretentious" for calling him on it.

The issue is that while Blade's levels are still sublimely tuned and visually distinctive, the feel of his levels has become pretty uniform from project to project. When I'm exploring his levels, I don't really feel as deeply engaged with my surroundings, even if they are pleasant to look at and don't suffer from any major design issues. This is actually the reason why I think KO.T.E.'s level was slightly better than Blade's...because I loved the way his level fit together and created a place that almost seemed to have a story behind it. Thompson, for all his faults, is more unpredictable, and sometimes this works in his favor. Even if Blade's level is better in most of the specifics, you'd be better off looking to Thompson if you want a level that can surprise you.

But please note that I'm not arguing that Thompson's level is outright better than Blade's need only check my votes to see that isn't the case. I'm just arguing that there is a somewhat ill-defined but certainly tangible quality which Thompson's levels consistently outperform Blade's in. Clearly there's at least as much that Blade can do better than Thompson, and as I said, I think the two of them have a few things to learn from each other's styles.
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