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Originally Posted by BlueZero4 View Post
Windmill Hill by Ultimate - 7/10
I don't really advocate levels built over deathpit. That said, you've constructed a level with (mostly) functional gimmicks, about two different alternate routes, and a clear focus on exploration. Good job, except the small GHZROCK is really ugly lookin'. You should also find a way to better indicate to the player where the wind is.
Oh wow, I can't believe you gave me a 7! Thank you so much, I never expected to receive a score like that, especially not from such a great mapper! I'll definitely change up the GHZ texture and add more variety to the textures overall. I might add one more route (and/or finish the upper route). I'll also try and find some way to indicate wind near the windmills. I think the hardest part of mapping this level has yet to come, there are so many things I'll need to do to improve the map from this point, but I think it will be fun...I'll try my best to make this map as good as it can be ^^
Thanks for the advice!

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