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Yeah, if you don't strafe, you pretty much have to pray that when Brak Eggman shoots a missile, you're in the right position to catch it.
What? Unless you move away from the missiles intentionally, you're always in the "right place" because the missiles are shot directly at you! If you're doing tap strafing(either with the strafe button, or the up arrow, it makes no difference) it's incredibly easy to stop in time for the missiles to be shot. I tried it myself without using strafe just now, and I did it on the first try with absolutely no complications.

...and honestly, why should people build their levels around the idea that the people playing it won't use strafe? It's part of the default control scheme now, if someone isn't using strafe they're expending effort to make the game harder for themselves. If the level can be completed without strafe, that's good enough.
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