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Originally Posted by Internet Explorer;702724[B
Colossal Castle Zone by Katmint : ------[/B]

Similarly, I can not rate. Because I have not found the solution with the puzzle "gargoyle-box". However, I never say that your level is wrong. There is still a nice little side with decor. But I can not give note if I can not find the end.
I'd like to warn you that if you don't rate this level, none of your other scores will be counted, due to a new rule. So if you really can't finish the level, either give it a low score if you think it's the mapper's fault or rate it on what you saw of the level. Well, you don't have to, but as I said, your scores won't be counted until you vote for every map (except your own of course).

Or you try solving the puzzle. The trick is to search for the right door. I assume you're in the room with the two gargoyles. The door that is opened is not in the same room.
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