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Originally Posted by Katmint
I got stuck in an inescapable pool because I didn't jump far enough to hit the unshrinker. Please add some springs there.
There's a small cave in the wall that you came from that can lead you back to safety and air and return you to the beginning of that cascading waterfall and attempt to try the jump again.

Originally Posted by Katmint
The end of the level felt a bit too sudden with just going into the vent and then that's it, especially compared to Twilight Isle's big finish, but half of that was me wishing the level wasn't over yet. :P
I'll consider it was a sudden end. but I plan on making my act 1 ending's simple and brief. Act 2's, like Twilight Isle's, will be the big finishers letting the player know that zone is about to come to an end. Also....

(fake out endings sure are popular this contest)
^ agreed..
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