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Camping is possible on virtually any CTF map; if people are complaining about it, it's too powerful.
I really think this is wrong. Camping should be an EFFECTIVE strategy in every CTF map, and if you have, say, two people in your flag room, you should be able to do some SERIOUS damage on anyone who tries to get to the flag. Even with just one person you should be able to significantly hinder or stop a single player attempting to grab it.

I think the reason the complaining is so common is because of the history in 1.X where camping your own base was completely impossible. People are too used to just running into the opposing base and grabbing the flag, and they get a rude awakening when 2-3 people suddenly jump them and gangbang them. If you want to get around that, you need to run into the opponent's base in groups or be more careful, throwing bounce around corners or coming in from a different direction. Grabbing the flag should not be a trivial part of CTF, and to be honest I LOVED the maps in this contest that people were complaining about camping in, partly because I was doing it but partly because it made me feel far more insecure when I ran into their base to steal it. Camping your own base makes their base feel like enemy territory, and that's something that SRB2 has been missing since CTF was implemented.
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