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Originally Posted by Ezer.Arch View Post
... and still wins the contest because he was the only who submitted a map for that division.

My point: an OLDC division will have judging only if there are at least 2 valid maps submitted. If there's no enough maps for said division, the submitter must wait for next OLDC.
Originally Posted by Mystic View Post
The problem is that while the OLDC is a contest, it is MORE a method of getting feedback on your creative work. I would rather an entry auto-win and get feedback now than have to wait another two months for the author to get criticism.
That's a shame, because the whole reason why I even made the map in the first place was because I noticed a gap in the rules and exploited it to see the results, which for some odd reason feels like something you really wouldn't like. Perhaps a better alternative would be to allow the map anyway, but make it lose by default due to lack of competition. People can still play it and give feedback, and it won't earn me an unwarranted Contest Winner title.
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