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As I said in the other topic, I still think imposing a strict deadline does more harm than good.
Go look at the pitiful number of votes in Match and CTF last contest, much less the ones that were counted. If anything, having a serious deadline should motivate people to vote on time if they can; and thus to do that they should play more netgames with the MP pack.

It would only help, incidentally, if the OLDC room was put down for good, because seriously - ask any of us, we don't use it and nobody bothers to look in there.

What I'm pointing at is that these people should be able to evaluate such maps without having played a real netgame (as long as they don't start talking shit).
Which defeats the point of the MP pack containing maps for multiplayer.

Once concern has occured to me about rule #5 though: if someone declines to vote on one map for some reason related to the map itself (ie, couldn't complete a lap on a circuit, ect.), do their votes for the division still get excluded anyway?
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