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If we want a number of people to be able to tally the votes and had the deadline depend on when they make the tally, you've essentially got as many deadlines as you have people able to count the votes. The deadline has been extended a week, and we rarely get votes further than a week after the deadline so I wouldn't be too worried.
No, the voting would end at the regular deadline, but any vote that was published before the first person made a tally would be counted as well. The same as it is with the submitted maps: If you submit after the deadline, there's no guarantee your vote will get in, but if you post it before someone starts making the tally, he might just as well count it. You're probably right that it won't be a huge issue with two weeks, but it kinda bugged me this time. We'll see.

Originally Posted by JEV3 View Post
With the number of maps we've been getting in each division, there are few enough maps to play that you can probably play and evaluate them several times over apiece before voting and it'd take no longer than to go through all of the maps in some of the older contests once. If we start getting ten maps to a division, then we might have a problem.
The reason that I didn't vote for multiplayer this time was that I didn't catch one single netgame. I've seen it happen before that people only caught one game and weren't able to play all maps properly. What I'm pointing at is that these people should be able to evaluate such maps without having played a real netgame (as long as they don't start talking shit).

Originally Posted by JEV3 View Post
Additionally, if you can't vote but you have comments, you can always review the level without rating them.
That's of course the best option under the current configuration, but it would be kinda sad for the ratings that the person could have given otherwise.
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