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Originally Posted by Mystic View Post
For votes to count, a voter now must vote on all maps in a division (except their own). While we understand this may cause voting to be more work, there have been many examples in the past of people voting for one or two maps with abnormally high or low scores and skewing all of the results. This will mean that people with a high or low streak will affect all of the maps equally, instead of just a few.
Why is this not mentioned in the rules topic? Also, I assume the score dropping will persist, only that the creators can only vote for all or no maps now. Also, does that mean that if you didn't play one maps of one category in a netgame, you can't vote on the other maps of that category at all? That seems kinda strange to me. At least, in that case, people should be allowed to evaluate the map in question offline.

As I said in the other topic, I still think imposing a strict deadline does more harm than good. A more logical rule would be that once anyone (staff or not) makes a tally, voting is over (of course, only after the official deadline). That way, there would be no confusion over which votes count and which don't and we would still include any votes that might be late.
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