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Default OLDC Rules Changes

As many of you already know, FuriousFox has fallen off the internet. As such we are going to be implementing a few changes to the OLDC rules while we're shifting to a new maintainer. Check the announcement for the full new rules text, as it contains a lot of wording changes, but the functional changes are listed below:
  1. The judging period is now two weeks. We've traditionally had a lot of late voting because some people simply don't have the ability to play the instant they come out and/or are stuck away from their computer during the first weekend where the OLDC is available. This should help alleviate that problem.
  2. The judging deadline is now serious. Votes made after the deadline, even if only a minute after the mark, will not count. This means that theoretically anyone can calculate the results and they'll be the same as the official results presuming their math is correct. Hopefully this will prevent the eternal wait for official word in the future should our maintainers fall off the internet.
  3. With the deadline actually meaning something, the exact time was clarified, as previously the dates of United States daylight saving time have caused problems with our foreign users because they're different from the rest of the world. The time is now explicitly said to be local time in the eastern time zone of the United States, not EST, as that doesn't take DST into account. For reference for those of you not in the United States, DST is from the second Sunday in March to the first Sunday in November.
  4. Single player stages now explicitly need to be on MAP01 or load to the stage when a new game is started. This should hopefully fix a lot of annoyance while judging them.
  5. For votes to count, a voter now must vote on all maps in a division (except their own). While we understand this may cause voting to be more work, there have been many examples in the past of people voting for one or two maps with abnormally high or low scores and skewing all of the results. This will mean that people with a high or low streak will affect all of the maps equally, instead of just a few.

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