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Multiplayer Level Pack

MAPM1 - Setting Sands Zone by ZarroTsu -
Took me a while to actually figure out you added a colormap. The level was spacious and there were lots of rooms to explore. I liked how you made the sand rise up and go back down. I did get lost pretty often and the death pits did annoy me a bit.
Rating: 8/10

MAPM2 - Celestial Sanctuary Zone by Mystic -
The level in my opinion was pretty big and there was lots to explore which I liked. However the pit got very annoying. One wrong move and you'd end up in it. Everything else was awesome. Although I did find some springs in the level unnecessary and it was pretty tough to get to some of the weapon panels if you weren't careful. Other than that I really enjoyed myself.
Rating: 8/10

MAPM3 - Quick Cliffs Zone by Scizor300 -
Name says it all. I found that the level looked good though and I enjoyed myself as well. However I don't really know if the house up on that ledge really fit the theme and there could've been more stuff added onto the level.

MAPM4 - Orange Stream Zone by Brawl -
Well I really didn't like this one so much. I got lost frequently, weapon rings could've been split up more, the crusher was irritating at times, and I found that the ceiling was lower in some places than in others.

MAPF1 - Castle CTF Zone by Teleporter 412 -
This one wasn't so confusing. However some of the things didn't seem to work like the teleporter to the red base which would cause players to find another way into the castle. There were unnecessary things all over the place. I could barely find any weapon panels as well.
Rating: 3/10

MAPF2 - Water Hall Zone by Kuba11 -
Wow I loved this. The theme in general fit, the level itself wasn't so huge, and there were different paths to the bases. I did find though that you could spam the bounce ring at the bases which would get very annoying. Maybe try putting the weapon panel somewhere else? Also I found the whole level a bit too dark. Placement of monitors wasn't so great especially in the middle where you could find a cluster of them. Other than that I found the level very enjoyable.
Rating: 7/10

MAPF3 - Seaside Strike Zone by RedEchidna -
This level was so simple yet so fun, but I also found a few things that I didn't like here and there. The bases seemed to close to each other. It only took me 9 seconds to reach the other teams flag. The textures, I found, fit the theme though as well as the name.

MAPF4 - Gravity Garden Zone by Charybdizs
This was a good try at making a CTF map and it was pretty good too. There was lots of detail, and the color map you gave the water was pretty nice. However I found the level to be laggy possibly due to all the Fof's? Also I found the pit in the middle unnecessary since I always went around it.

MAPF5 - Volcanic Temple Zone by Metal Fighter -
Oh we finally get to my level. I must admit I forgot to add the flags for Blue and Red base so players could tell where they were going and I am sorry about that. Also I have been getting lots of complaints about the lava falls that come right before a player reaches the bases. I did this on purpose to make it difficult for a player to reach the bases. I originally had Flame Jets there but I decided against it which was probably a mistake. Also the Library had a staircase that led to the upper room only with knuckles. However I don't think I saved the level correctly and when I submitted the level the room wasn't there. If you have anymore complaints or concerns make sure to post them so I know what to work on next time.

MAPR1 - Mushroom Hill Zone by Simsmagic -
Well in general the level didn't look to good at all however I enjoyed myself a lot playing on it. I suggest you add a bit more detail next time though.

MAPR2 - Cherry Canyon Zone by Katmint -
My goodness. Of all the race maps I've seen this one must be the longest. I swear it was tougher than Heaver Pass and the rest of the official maps. It took me about 3-5 minutes to finish a single lap. I found the Flame Jet to be over used in that room, death pits were increasingly annoying as well as other things. I found the theme to fit though which I guess was something good. I also liked the colormap you have the water. Again the difficulty and the length of the map was to much for me and many others.

MAPR3 - Sunken Cave by Kuba11 -
Of all the circuit levels this one was the best. It was just so fun going through this one. The theme fit I and presume it went along with the CTF level you also made.

MAPR4 - Greenflower Rush Zone by Spongecar -
Ah a 2D level. In all honesty it wasn't horrible but it could've used a whole lot more. 2/10

MAPR5 - Disco Dash Zone by Brawl -
Gah. What am I looking at here. Theme fits, but I keep falling off the path which was very annoying. I could barely finish the map due to this problem.

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