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Single Player:
Rainy Jungle Zone by A Cat 5/10 I like the map, but there's anything that I hate, maybe is a bored map
Medivo Zone by glaber 2/10 Seriously, do you call this a map?
Frosty Floe Zone by Brawl 10/10 Awesome, the best map in the coop map, nice textures, nice music =)

MAPM1 - Northern Desert Zone by nightmare cenz/123 Runite 9/10 awesome map, it is what we need on a contest.
MAPM2 - Digital Forest Zone by Metal Fighter 7/10 that's a weird map but is an original idea

MAPF1 - Frosted Meadows Zone by Nitrous Bunny 8/10 the best map on the ctf pack
MAPF2 - Dead Canyon Zone by A Cat 4/10 there's an abuse of weapons... or do we need it?

MAPF3 - Heinous Hidehole Zone by RedEchidna 8/10 a simple map, but it has a perfect design to ctf

MAPR1 - Stupid Circuit Zone by Neo Chaotikal 6/10 that's a nice idea but... it has mistakes... I got confused there D:
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