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Digital Forest zone - 3/10 Itīs stupid boring and ugly map.
Nothern Desert zone -4/10 There is almost nothing WHY?
Stupid circuit zone -0/10 As you wish.
Frosted meadows zone- 2/10 I gained flag in 6 seconds.
Dead canyon zone 1-2/10 How to complete this level with Sonic???
Heinious hideout - 1/10 ITS COMPLETLY RANDOM!
Medivo zone -1/10 There are only red walls! Thatīs REALLY everything in this level.
Frosty floe zone -0/10 Boring zone with three enemies.
Rainy jungle - 2/10 How to lose here?

This contest started to be boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooring!
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