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Originally Posted by Kaysakado View Post
Except D00D was giving points for good visuals.
Well, imagine a level with really boring gameplay but some great visuals. I think it would deserve a point added or two. But whatever, I agree that these weird lights weren't really enough to add points.

Originally Posted by Rei View Post
Medivo Zone by glaber 4/10
This level I have to admit was better than the other two

Frosty Floe Zone by Brawl 5/10
Uhm what?

Originally Posted by glaber View Post
I think the reason your flat level got rejected was a result of my Wacky Wheels levels from the 1.09.4 days that was also flat and got a overall rating of 1.13.
Uhm what? (again) The reason Totally Flat Zone was rejected is because it was an awful joke level. It has nothing to do with you, and I have no idea why you would assume that. Not everything that happens in the OLDC has something to do with you.

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