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Since I don't want to make a giant, lengthy review, I'll try to keep it short.

The mod, as a game, was terrible. There were no fun gimmicks in the levels, the levels entirely consisted of run, boost, homing attack and springs. Rinse and repeat. It felt like I played the same level a bunch of times.

Aesthetically, the game isn't terrible. The custom textures are rather awful, as are the sprites, but the sector aesthetics are actually quite decent, and even though it took some above-the-SRB2-norm processing to make everything run at a decent framerate, levels like Rooptop Run were somewhat impressive.

Unfortunately, I'd overall have to give this a 2/10. This is not fun to play, and if it's not fun to play in my book, it deserves a low score. Since you probably won't update this, judging from your track record, I won't bother suggesting how to fix it.

Honestly, seeing how low effort this mod is makes me want to work on my SRB2U all over again.

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