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As an SRB2 mod, it was a little fun. People here have already given their thoughts on how the mod is, except for one thing. The boost is kinda pointless here. Sonic Unleashed was a game where it balanced the speed and platforming, but this mod is mostly platforming with short and tiny sections where you can boost for a second or two. You might as well stick with platforming only then.

The levels were also short, as you're able to finish most of them in about a minute and thirty seconds. And that's only because you had to stop to jump on platforms on one small enclosed area. The visuals are fine, it's great to see a good city level with some variety. It just needs to be expanded.

The final boss level wasn't such a good idea. With epic music in the background, your job is to find rings on a small maze, and not realize that the last two rings that make it 50 are outside. But before fixing this, you need to add a custom exit on Adabat that will take you to Eggmanland. Move the last Emeralds somewhere besides Eggmanland, and when you collected them all, the custom exit can then be triggered at the end. Once all of that happens, then you can remove the silly little maze on the Final Boss map.
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Personally, if SEGA makes a nice sum of cash, they're doing their job well. They don't need to appeal to hordes of manchildren that are pissed that some kid games aren't fun to play.
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