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At least this isn't a straight port like your SA2B mod...

Each level didn't contain any gimmiks and challenge at all, But did have nice scenery, visuals, few aesthetics, and creativity like the windmills, buildings in the background, and a chip moniter thing. I'll give you that. All this mod was were FOFs and sectors. What are ivisible walls doing in there? I noticed that each day and night level are reversed knowing that you was lazy on your mapping. Collecting an emerald in each town were totally pointless, when knowing there's only 6 towns and at the end you collect them all. Btw speaking the end, the sensibiilty was eh. "final boss, collect the emeralds eggman left here for some reason and find 50 rings in corners, and then knowing that eggman is flying above safe land and then kill him without even having to get the emerlads." Your sprites were too flat. Like those monster and robot enemies. There movement was eee. Though the people sprites looked okay they need to be a little more round.

I really don't know what else to say about this mod. Overall this was boring, a little pretty, but meh.
Actually, the 7th emerald is found in the Eggmanland stage itself.
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