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Where can I get SRB2CB?
Type it into a search engine. I found it that way.

So... I tried this game on my Mystic Realm file, and I have to concure with nearly everyone here that this mod is lackiluster. Going through the town stages was more of a chore than anything, and while I did appreciate your spritework, I think a better option would be to make sprites of specific characters, and have slightly less populated towns. Maybe you could even have them post a message in the HUD as you pass by. I don't know. But I hated having to find that Chip monitor, and if you take damage and lose Chip (it's possible), the player if forced to start over again. I won't mind hanging around the town stages for a little while, maybe getting a couple of out-of-the-way 1ups in the process, but I want to be able to get into the action stages as soon as I desire.

The action stages are a bit of a mess, too... Aside from Apatos, your stages were either bland or had awful textures (Spagonia was pretty much like one nightmare acid trip). Your twisting, winding level design makes it hard to determine where the player is supposed to go (I lost more lives thanks to this than anything else, and the plethora of visual glitches only made things worse). The levels hardly differ from day to night. It honestly seems as if you copy-pasted most of your areas. Not only is that lazy, but it doesn't reflect the spirit of Unleashed. For instance, the day stage of the real Dragon Road (heh) takes place mostly a big oriental city and along the Great Wall, while Dragon Road's night stage took the player through the countryside and up a massive waterfall. SRB2 1.09.4 is totally capable of duplicating each stage's distinctive locales. Also, there were no gimmicks aside from springs and stupid gargoyle hunting puzzles. Each level pretty much progress like so: Jump on spring, attack enemies on platform, look to see where you're supposed to go, find spring, ect, ect. The boss stages you can take or leave.

As I said before, your spritework was admirable (in fact, why don't you quit this level pack-making business and start making sprites for other projects?), but your custom Egg Fighter and Nightmare enemies were infuriating without the homing attack, due to their small hit-box. As with your SRB2Battle mod, I think you've bitten off more than you can chew, and your lack of effort/talent/passion in many areas only exuberates this level pack's mediocrity.

The Good -
Appealing spritework

The Bad -
Annoying level progression
Confusing level design
Uninspired level design
Lack of gimmicks
Bad textures
Confusing hitboxes
Glitches galore

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