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I agree with Sonic Master, the old MCZ2 was MUCH better, the new one's textures didn't fit the them Blade had set from the old one, that and with the spam of flametrhowers and rocks it got quite boring. I was gonna give this a 6 or 7, but I went ahead and gave it a 9, even though I ment to put a 8, I was in a rush to put my vote in so I didn't make sure every thing was right.
How you can decide to give a level a six and "accidentally" give it a nine is unbelievable for me.

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Also, D00D64, What was wrong with the spin-rise platforms? Sure there could have been a little hint or something and a better texture, but they was still cool.
They can be annoying to deal with.

The main problem that you and Blade have with your levels is that, when you find a gimmick, you overdo it to the point that it's just not fun.
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