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I was going to enter Autumn Dawn in the last Contest, but I failed.
So, I started again with the most original theme ever. I don't think a single person has used it in the way it should. A Delta, swamp, whatever.

This mainly uses a sort of CEZ texture set. It has four quarants which i'm using, that's why some screenshots are wierd at the moment. I am currently working on finishing the Blue Base so I can rotate and put it into the Red Base area. Since I got some advice on CTF maps earlier on, I used that idea and this CTF map has symmetry on its axis. Pretty much, one side has the base and other area and then it's roated and put above. Now you know why it's in quadrants now.

Okay, screenshots. I plan to use the PAZ theme, but I have a script right now (not for the contest) that gives it a Verdant Forest theme sped up.

Area of Blue Base, there's a back entrance to get to that flag.

The side jungle area, this is planned to be lead to a small mountanous area.

The back entrance. This'll be filled with rings and weapons=. Mainly Rail Rings. This was cramped at first, but then I enlarged the map by 150%. Then I extended on that.

So uh, what do you think? I'm not sure what to do with the water. Should it hurt people?
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