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Originally Posted by waveoceanxtrem
Originally Posted by Hyper Shadic X
Originally Posted by waveoceanxtrem
How to make super sonic

Here is a tutorial for make super sonic.

First: grab the chaos emeralds.

Second: grab 50 rings.

Third: Double jump.

You finished super sonic in three steps!

Fix'd. *stabbed*

If you want to make a Super Sonic texture, then freaking use photoshop, select his blue, go to "color replacement tool" when using yellow, and go to Image ==> Ajustments ==> Variations ==> More Yellow untill it's Super Sonic yellow. Then use a model editor to rise his spikes.

I wouldn't even suggest this though. :|
Noob. It's for the MD2 model.
You're the n00b. I know pretty dang well it was for the 3D model. However I was being sarcastic. Also, I said how to freaking recolor the model.

While I'm at it, your meathod sucks because the SHADING would also be inverted (unless you use a program that inverts shading in colors which I doubt exists). On top of that, it's not even Super Sonic. It's a super-low-effort yellow colored Sonic. Also, why use MS Paint to color the fur yellow but Photoshop to color the arms yellow and use Photoshop itself instead? Makes no sense. :|

1- lrn2lulz

2- Read EVERY BIT OF THE TEXT before replying to someone plz.

3- For future reference, anyone (and I mean ANYONE) can easily recolor something with very minimal effort. :|

EDIT: Cegalman: I think you're loading the MD2 model in via the console, right? I think the Wiki says how to load the MD2s in. Go there plz, ;P
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