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Originally Posted by Superusuario
Originally Posted by astar
1:What you guys don't get, is that this is a STAR WARS MOD. [Not included in Usuario's post]You guys want to be too much like sonic.[/Not included in Usuario's post]2: If he make this an exe, and changed all the characters, he would be like that? now would he?3: THis isn't supposed to be like Sonic guys, deal with it.
1:A-star...We all know that this is a Star Wars Mod but...This doesn't looks like alot to Star Wars.
2:It's impossible to do that...You can't replace SRB2 main characters.
3:Why did he released it here then?This is like doom.Y'Know,SRB2 isn't Doom.
It needs more characters then...
1. It's really hard to get too close, with out infringing.
2. not true, not true at all.
3. Three responces:
a. ORLY *Shot* It's base off Doom isn't it?
b. Right, like he'd want to make people download SRB2, AND this. Not gonna happen. Not to mention that SRB2 is EASIER to edit.
c. Yeah, the main characters in Star Wars only use guns in Dire situations.

BTW, I really hate it when people get my name wrong. It's A-star. Not Astar. Dang PhPBB character restrictions..
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