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Originally Posted by zck2020
EDIT: Ok, I am sick of arguing, plus it's against the rules. You have your opinion, I have mine. End of discussion.
This is a terrible way to put things, zck. Any game can use another game's engine and become something else.
-SOCced enemies? Where the heck did the SOCs in the mod come from? You said you never had any.
-A graphic and sound change doesn't make Sonic a Star Wars game.
-Yes, you aren't letting me voice my opinion by saying the discussion is over because you see something different.
-Make it easier to tell what's a robot and what's scenery if you aren't much of a Star Wars fan.
-I'm talking about the BOSS being unoriginal. Too many robot/demon guys who just shoot you. Alot like the Metal Sonic boss. And besides, some Star Wars characters were already made.
-Star Wars has Light Sabers, fighting, and dramatic scenes. Sonic levels with some robots misplaced isn't Star Wars, and the graphics don't change it either.
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