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Originally Posted by Flame_the_hedgehog
Originally Posted by Tapika the fox
(Only need for them to crumble so Knux destroys them on impact.)
something like sonic 3 (and knuckles)

tails users can probably have custom gravity
Actually, this SOC unintentionally allows players to hit run-speed with any character, so we can use Run-on-water areas for tails.
OK, the SOC is just about finished except for one glitch that I don't think I'll be able to fix. As the character performs tricks they gain a solid flow of rings, unfortunately you strangely have to be hit before you can perform tricks, so you might want to add a mine or something to the begenning of each level. Anyway, every character needs to have glide, with a fast ability speed. They perform tricks by double jumping. I'll make some invisible spin springs to put at the end of fake ramps (Stairs whatever). The second special ability frame is the trick frame. So name every frame for the tricks PLAYV, or whatever you have in place of PLAY. The game strangely seems to take multiple lumps with the same name, as an animation cycle.

Edit: for anyone who wants the SOC
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