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Gothic Gardens 1 by VX501 - 6/10

I enjoyed this level. It feels like a back-to-basics level, and proves to me that levels don't have to adhere to an artificial standard of greatness in order for me to enjoy them.

There were a few hiccups, though. I didn't really enjoy how plentiful the deathpits were. I didn't really enjoy the 2D section either.

Graceful Coast by D00D64 - 5/10

I enjoyed the texturing. I enjoyed the music choice.

The music didn't so much "not fit" the level's theme so much as its scale. Rusty Ruins calls for artistic vision, cloudy skies and exploration-based level design. Speaking of exploration, I almost died before finishing the level because it took so long to find forwards.

Refurbished Gadgetry by SonicMaster - 6/10


The level was built for Sonic. The beginning of the top of the first large room with Knuckles is utterly impossible. I know I shouldn't be annoyed that this is a community of Sonic players, but I am.

Magma Core 2 by Blade - 7/10

I still am a Knux player and I still dislike levels built exclusively for Sonic. But that's not my main beef here.

Do you remember what flow is? Flow is running and enjoying it because the level lets you. Magma Core has flow, yes. However, that's bad. Whenever I see a flamethrower, I just run right into it. Because I'm enjoying running so much, I mentally tell the flamethrower to piss off, pick up a ring, and continue running. This happens over and over again until I'm just bored of the hazards. Because the only gimmicks here are hazards that hurt the player, I grew even more tired of the level the more I played it.

I'm getting too worked up over the OLDC. I don't think I'll be doing this again.
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