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Graceful Coast Zone 2/10
Honestly, 2D mode is terrible. I see no reason on why people insist on using it. Because of 2D mode's bad camera, the geyser is very hard to accomplish with Sonic. The platforming is pretty bland, as there is nothing interesting in the level. When I get to that spring-spikeball part, I got frustrated. I swear, there's no way to pass that area without getting hit.
On the positive side, I enjoyed the visuals and the music.

Magma Core Zone 3/10
Gimmicks, gimmicks, gimmicks. Your level is filled with them, yet, in truth, it's just the same few gimmicks again and again. Those flamethrowers, rocks, and turrets are used too much. There is so many rings in this level that you can just waste all your rings carelessly at one point, and do the same in the next gimmick. There really isn't anything else in the level. The custom enemies are pretty boring, as they never get the chance to hit me. The turret shoots at ridiculously slow speed, so I just treated it as if it was a crawla. I enjoyed the rising lava part, because I'm a sucker for those. That was probably the only fun I had in the level, because the level is the exact thing throughout the whole experience.
I adored your cutscene idea, but, as Sonic, I went to fast and beat the wall closing, making me stuck forever.

Gothic Gardens Zone 1/10
Man, this is cramped. There's very little room for movement, which really killed the level. There is some cheap deaths here and there, and the level is visually unappealing. The 2D part is very unnecessary, as 2D mode is terrible.

Refurbished Gadgetry Zone 3/10
Plenty of interesting gimmicks, plenty of them used wrong. Except for the reversing gravity over the pit idea, which I thought was pretty cool, I don't like most of the gimmicks. I suppose the details is nice, but I haven't payed attention to it.
The camera ruins the time when gravity is reversed. I can't really see what's under me or what I'm gonna land on. The 2D waterslide wasn't really fun because of 2D mode's bad camera. You can't really see what's up ahead, so I just took it very slowly.
I enjoyed the multiple ways of completing this level, though. It was kinda fun to play it three times differently.
Battle Forest Zone 3/10
Undersized. There's a large amount of rings and a ridiculously large amount of ammo, greatly outnumbering the cards. There's no detail either, so the level doesn't get points for visuals.

I'll post more reviews later.

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