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I agree with Mystic on this. Super Forms make you OP if you weren't already in matches. And It really broke the flow of the match. I understand the idea to delete them completly, but I will miss a lot to be Super Tails or Super Knuckles.

My suggestion is to delete the emeralds from Match/CTF only. And leave them for Co-op; that way you don't have to delete the super forms entirely. I know that it sounds quirky and stupid at first, but that way, Super Forms are kept for any character.

So yeah, please delete the Emeralds ONLY in Match/CTF. But please let the other Characters transform in Co-op/Singleplayer. That way, the Super Forms are kept (And some people won't be bitching about they can't play Super Tails/Knuckles anymore.)

But hey, that's my suggestion; my idea that makes sense in my stupid little head.

@ZarroTsu: If there was a mechanic that allows a losing player to be more likely to get the Emeralds, then an experienced player can start to fail and get the emeralds and destroy the other players.
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