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These are SUPER cool. I love the emphasis on clean, defined shapes with simple shading compared to the (albeit still gorgeous, just in a different way) massively-detailed-in-shading base SRB2 art style. In particular with these sprites, I like your use of Saturn-era Sonic models for inspiration and styling, cause it's resulting in a Sonic with a lot of exaggerated character, especially expressions-wise!

The only crit I have right now is to stay consistent with the use of shaded outlines and the limited use of selective outlining; the head on the new walking animation contrasts heavily with the other sprites not because of the new angle, but because the head is suddenly outlined with the same darkest shade of green all around, giving it a heavier and more separated look. Oh, and the gloves on the walking animation seem a bit off, because they stay as "perfect" circles the whole time, whereas they have varied shapes in other poses. This isn't really a criticism of the simplification of their shapes, since you're using Saturn-era Sonic as a basis, but more a comment that you can vary their shape up from frame-to-frame and still maintain that blocky or simplistic feel.

If all that's just because it's a work-in-progress, then never mind! Looking forward to seeing more!!
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