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A clear improvement over your previous work, but there's still some errors that make this not in tune with the Sonic Robo Blast 2 character style:

- In the walking animation, there's only three rotations of the head while the body is moving smoothly which looks a bit stilted. That can easily be improved upon. The eyes also don't move with the rotation of the head.
- The walking animation also has a moving shine which puzzles me. You should really be thinking about where light is coming from in your sprites.
- There doesn't seem to be much depth in your spritework either. This is mostly choked up to a lack of shading (when a hand goes behind the body, the stripe on the shoe, etc) and no anti-aliasing. Anti-aliasing is a key component in SRB2's style and without it your sprite looks off putting to the rest of the game. Tl;dr, use more colours to make more depth.
- Choppiness and inconsistencies between waiting frames.

Hope you take this to help you advance your spritework!

EDIT: Noticed other things too!

- The change from A4/A6 to A5 is too drastic. You should probably intune A4/A6.
- Adding to the "eye rotate" point, Sonic's vision shouldn't be focused on the camera but where he's heading. It's walking 101.
- Look at how FSonic (and Smiles, by extension) have smooth shading with several shades of one colour to represent depth. Using sources is a great way to make your sprite look top quality.
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