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Folks, it probably comes down to this: if you don't care enough right now to submit maps any better than rush jobs and crap, just submit nothing and come back for 2.1. It can wait.

== MATCH ==

Hexagon Heat Zone by Simsmagic - 2/10
Pacman Zone Zone had the advantage of being good old fashioned spammy fun (by accident). This is just as bland as bland can be and isn't any fun either.

City Match Zone by Root - 0/10
I'm not even going to justify this with any commentary apart from "stop submitting shitty RP maps".

== CTF ==

Adjective Noun Zone by Scizor300 - 7/10
I remember testing this. Doesn't seem to have changed any since months ago either :p Fun stuff, but there's something profoundly dull about the entire middle of the map. Pretty much a flat expanse of nothing besides a river. Come up with anything more interesting; it doesn't have to be a straight open path either.

Icy Ugly Falls Zone by Kitoko - 4/10
Hideous texture job. I realize vanilla SRB2 is short on texture variety, but I got lost a couple times because everything looks the same. That, and due to the map being stupendously bloated. A good 75% of the map is useless filler. But it is actually a relatively solid layout - just extremely oversized. Don't put regular rings in the bases, it makes it almost impossible to force enemy players out.

The Sacred Cradle by EternallyAries Red X - 6/10
A similarly ugly map that is actually not bad, but it all goes to waste because of the middle path. It is so easy to ignore everything else and just spend the entire round running straight down the middle. I suspect the map might be substantially improved if you wall that section off and force people to use the side routes.
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