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Originally Posted by TheDoctor View Post
So, I decided to try this md2 out when testing one stage in progress and I have somethings to report.

1.) Try to make his flying animations a bit more, circular. When flying I mostly see his tails in this position:

2.) Tails, when either idle, running, flying, or falling, usually has this little black and red part on his right ear:
1.) I don't know what you mean by more circular.
2.) That's just a texture bug, I can fix that with just a little move of the texture co-ordinates.
EDIT: I hope you know that the flying animations (minus the tired animations) are just 2 frames.
EDIT2: Fixed both points. (Hopefully...I tried it out and I think it's fine now)
EDIT3: Discovered you're only getting that texture problem probably from the resolution you're using. What is that, 640x480?

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