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Hi Cue. (Please note this is how I greet anyone on the MB, if I'm specifically directing my attention towards them; if not, said greeting wouldn't appear here. This isn't supposed to make me sound like I'm fixing anything; my message is just focused on the addressee, but b/c this is a forum, anyone can respond to it.)

Originally Posted by You
That's only one field of the record from phpbb_posts_texts, it's just text, it's not a post. For it to be a post, it would have to be a separate MySQL result, which would require a record in phpbb_posts and a record in phpbb_posts_text that links to the former.

Good day to you sir, stop trying to 'correct' me, because chances are, you'll just get me correcting you and making you look like an idiot. ^_~
I wonder where that last line came from; I wasn't even thinking of correcting you in any way. I've said in my post, that's my opinion. This is the way I think of it, and I wasn't even thinking about going that deep by talking about how phpBB does it. Basically, that last line, and perhaps some of your other posts, just sounded [sounds] a bit arrogant, just to say, but thanks for the final greeting.

Overall in my previous post, I've just spoken about the message of the post, or the contents of the post, not the kind of post you're thinking of e.g. this post, with the subject and date posted, signatures if applied, avatar, etc. I think of 'post' as what someone said, or the message/statement, not something like how you put it.

Can we continue talking about the SRB2 blogs? In my opinion, the Development Blog is an excellent way to release the news that are going on in the development of SRB2. The video is a great idea, but the quality of the video distracted me. The cartoon shot of Arid Canyon is great, and I'm now having an idea of how the zone is going to look like. There really is nothing bad I can say about it. The isometric sketches, however, I treat as any sort of concept art (and it is), and I don't really have that much interest in that.

I'm not really fond of the mood/tone of Zero Effort; it seems to deliberately put down the creators of WADS or MODS if they have put a lot of effort. It does sound funny, but symbolically it's really not. I know Sonic Rush Adventure 2 isn't much of a good MOD, but the way the game was presented in the blog was too severe in sharing the thoughts of the MOD, basically being really negative, perhaps even beyond constructive criticism and just it making fun of the WADS or MODS. I know the purpose of the blog is for "Tearing apart SRB2 addons for your enjoyment," but I think overall it's just too harsh, even if it's funny for the creator of the presented WAD or MOD.

Finally, I don't have much to say about High Jinks...
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The large, "epic" single player level, Oceanic Cove Zone is released here. I humbly encourage you to view it. If you've played through it, please get comments going! This will help me. Thanks.
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